Service to People and Land

Erin, Sam, Andy, Steuart, and Lucy
Erin, Sam, Andy, Steuart, and Lucy

Read how this Anne Arundel County farmer became a community organizer, a small business advocate, and a compassionate force for change. He never intended to run for office, but somebody had to. Read about Steuart Pittman here.


Putting Communities First

This map is important. It shows the communities that spoke up seventeen years ago with visions for where they wanted to be in twenty years. They all warned about the dangers of accelerated growth without infrastructure improvements. They were right, and they were ignored.

Read here how Steuart Pittman plans to manage growth, restore fiscal responsibililty to the budget process, and refocus local government on education, public safety, local business viability, and poverty.

Read Steuart's positions on the issues here.


Take Back Our County 2018 - The Launch

The 2018 Candidates

Read Steuart's views on why 300 people drove from all corners of our county to launch this campaign on December 16. Read more.


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