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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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To build a better future we must overcome the division that holds us back, and we must not allow politicians to derive power from driving wedges among us.

I have seen the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in neighborhoods, and I understand the benefits of decision-making through an equity lens. My administration is bringing that healing work to our county.

  • Changed county slogan at all roadside welcome signs from The Best Place to The Best Place For All in response to an increase in reported hate bias incidents.

  • Drastically increased diversity of leadership within cabinet and Office of the County Executive. The following cabinet positions are held by people of color: Chief of Staff (female), Police Chief (female), Office of Emergency Management Director (female), Health Officer (male) Social Services Director (female), Workforce Development CEO (male), EDI Director (male), Transportation Director (male), Economic Development (male).


In my second term we will continue this work both inside county government and in neighborhoods. No amount of political pressure in this election of beyond will slow us down.

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