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Public Safety

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My father oversaw this country’s civil defense program during the Cold War, and he raised me to believe that public safety is the most sacred obligation of government. I have elevated and supported the work of our police officers, firefighters, detention officers, and emergency management team. It’s working.

  • Reduced serious crime 11% in 2021 below 2020, while it was rising in the region and the country

  • Increased ranks of sworn officers from below 700 when we took office to almost 800

  • Added 50 new firefighters

  • Increased pay for police, firefighters and detention to match regional average

  • Invested in body worn cameras and new communications technology

  • More than doubled the number of firefighters trained as paramedics each year to meet increased demand

  • Created award-winning Mobile Integrated Community Health units to serve residents in their homes rather than in hospital emergency rooms

  • Expanded the use of Crisis Intervention Teams, pairing police with mental health counselors

  • Launched new re-entry programs to expand employment for formerly incarcerated residents

  • Created first county-level, Health Department-led interagency Gun Violence Intervention Team in the nation while our county led the state in successful Extreme Risk Protection Orders, separating violence-prone gun-owners from their firearms


In my second term we will build the Joint 911 and Emergency Management Center so that our county will be prepared for whatever challenges confront us, and our first responders will continue to grow respect in our neighborhoods by delivering outstanding service.

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