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Climate Change

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Governing for the future requires that we plan for the sea level rise and the destructive weather patterns that are predicted to increase. It also requires that we do our part to reduce carbon emissions and store carbon in our soil and plants.

  • Created the nation’s first independent Resilience Authority in county code to develop innovative ways to finance public infrastructure improvements needed to confront impacts of climate change. City Dock in Annapolis will be the first project.

  • Engaged University of Maryland experts to work with county staff to create a Resilience Plan, identifying threatened infrastructure.

  • Launched conversion of county fleet to electric vehicles with July 2020 directive to Central Services mandating purchasing and infrastructure planning to begin immediately.

  • Signed Executive Order # 57 outlining our plan to produce or purchase all electricity for county use from renewable sources by 2030, with an agreement to build a solar array on closed Glen Burnie Landfill to kick off the process.

  • Professionalized Office of Emergency Management with permanent team of staff planners to prepare our county for major weather events.


In my second term we will launch our first resilience projects and implement our electric vehicle and renewable energy executive orders.

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