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Steuart Pittman's success and plans for Anne Arundel County's future.

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Budget and Taxes

Anne Arundel County is in a stronger fiscal condition than it’s ever been.


Developers have an important role to play in making Anne Arundel County The Best Place For All, and the best ones are enthusiastic about doing their part.


Leaving the land that we steward in better condition than we found it is a sacred obligation, and is one that I will seek to fulfill above all others.

Health and Wellness

At the end of the day, we all want health more than anything else.

Public Safety

I have elevated and supported the work of our police officers, firefighters, detention officers, and emergency management team. It’s working.

Transparency and Community Engagement

Nothing hard happens in government without an organized group of residents behind it.

Climate Change

Governing for the future requires that we plan for the sea level rise and the destructive weather patterns that are predicted to increase.


Nothing is more important to the future of our county than the quality of our schools.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

To build a better future we must overcome the division that holds us back, and we must not allow politicians to derive power from driving wedges among us.

Permits and Excessive Regulation

We need to reduce those regulations, streamline the permitting processes, and be sure that every small business and every resident is treated with dignity and respect.

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic mitigation projects are underway and our new multimodal transportation plan is being implemented.

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