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Some developers weren’t happy about the changes we made, and are investing heavily in dark money political organizations to unseat me. You’ll see their attack ads often.

But if we adhere to the principals of smart growth, make decisions based on consistent application of the law, and implement the recommendations of our own Plan2040, this county can make progress. We can also remove the obstacles to good development, the kind that reduces traffic, protects the watershed, and improves the quality of our lives.

Developers have an important role to play in making Anne Arundel County The Best Place For All, and the best ones are enthusiastic about doing their part.

  • Delivered on my promise to empower local communities by establishing nine regional Stakeholder Advisory Committees to develop Region Plans that will become the backbone of county land use planning

  • For the first time in county history, rejected subdivision applications outright for bad development that did not meet the requirements of county code

  • Incentivized redevelopment, transit oriented development, and production of badly needed workforce housing with new legislation

  • Created transparency and efficiency with new online tools for residents, developers, and regulators to collaborate, engage with one another, and seek common ground


In my second term we will implement Plan2040, with community-driven Region Plans, streamlining of development applications for redevelopment, acceleration of transit-oriented development, and continue to protect open space and natural resources with consistent application of our environmental protection laws.

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