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Nothing is more important to the future of our county than the quality of our schools. While it is the Superintendent and the Board of Education that manages our school system, they need a county executive who acts as a partner, is willing to invest, and is committed to success.

  • Restored annual step and cost-of living increases that our teachers and school staff depend on

  • Added 531 new teaching positions, 71 new social emotional learning positions, and 249 new special ed positions to our school system to reduce class sizes and keep up with growth

  • Created permanent public improvements fund to get the AACPS school construction schedule back on track

  • Increased Community College funding, leading to Anne Arundel Community College’s top national ranking

  • Created Summer Future Success internship program at Anne Arundel Workforce Development


In my second term we will work with a new superintendent and our state partners to implement Maryland’s Blueprint for Education, making the teaching profession a desirable career, closing the opportunity gap, and ensuring that no child is left behind.

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